How many numbers are needed to win a prize in Mega Millions?

Prizes await those who did not get all the numbers but still match the other numbers drawn by the machine.

The Mega Millions prize chart below shows the prize that a player will get for each matching combination.

Mega Millions Prize Chart

Mega Millions Prize Chart

To win bottom-tier prizes, you need to match the Mega Ball ($2 prize) or one number plus the Mega Ball ($4 prize).

You win $10 if you match three numbers or two numbers plus the Mega Ball.

Tickets that match two numbers (white balls) will not get any prize in Mega Millions. A ticket that matches only one number also has no corresponding prize.

The non-jackpot prizes are multiplied by the Megaplier number chosen before the actual live drawing.

For example, a player who chose the Megaplier option and matches five Mega Millions numbers wins a total of $5 Million if the Megaplier number is X5.

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