Powerball Numbers August 1, 2020; 137 M Jackpot

Powerball winning numbers for August 1, 2020; Jackpot Tonight: 137 Million

Powerball Numbers August 1, 2020 – Check the Powerball winning numbers for Saturday, August 1, 2020, only here at your favorite lottery numbers website.

Since no one won the jackpot in the previous drawing held on Wednesday, the estimated Powerball jackpot tonight has climbed up to $ 137 Million.

These are the Powerball numbers for August 1, 2020:

White Balls: 6-25-36-43-48
Powerball: 24

Power Play: 3X

Jackpot Annuity Value: $ 137 Million
Jackpot Cash Value: $ 112.7 Million

Powerball Winners: 0

Go back to this page after 10:59 pm Eastern Time for the updated Powerball winning numbers and jackpot. We will update the numbers here right after the live drawing.

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Powerball Payout for August 1, 2020 Drawing

The Powerball jackpot as of Saturday, August 1, 2020 is $ 137 Million.

For non-jackpot prizes, the Powerball payout shall be based on a fixed prize multiplied by the Power Play number drawn for tonight.

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